Last Wednesday I raced my fourth triathlon of the year at a local reservoir in the area.  My goal this year was to get in four or five tris, and this was the final one on my race list (though I still have other types of races to do).

For full details, I recommend reading my full race report at Beginner Triathlete.

This race was kind of a funky distance, so far as triathlons go: 800m swim, 20.8 mi bike, and 3.4 mi run.  (I’d like to see the swim distance verified).  My finishing time was 1:55:22.9.  You can read all the gritty details in the race report, like my first successful open water swim, getting dropped on the bike leg, and my absolute disaster of a run.

My Fuji is on the left with my gear below. Aren’t those Giants awesome?
The transition area. Simple, as this is a super low budget race.
The view down to the finishing line and the lake beyond that. The swim course was parallel to the shore.
Speedy-Feet Tri
Poor quality, but it shows I did it!

The upshot is that this race was pretty much a training endeavor for me to help me figure out the open water swim.  That was successful and I’m glad.  The run is explained by not being prepared for the bike, and not running much at all this year.  All in all, it was a good experience (though very painful), and I’d do it again.

I’m looking forward to how things will go next year, as I’m planning on getting a coach in a couple months after I knock a couple centuries out.