Isaiah 27:5 – Or let him take hold of My strength, that he may make peace with Me; and he shall make peace with Me.”

I like the book of Isaiah. I really like chapters 40+, but the earlier ones are good as well and are where this verse is from. Isaiah has so much good stuff to say about salvation and the coming savior that he is sometimes called the gospel prophet. I think the above verse displays that.

Speaking for myself, I have the most peace in my life when I’m right with God. However, I’m not right with God because I finally jumped through the correct set I hoops. Rather, God offers to use his power in my life (aka grace, see Acts 4:33), and when I humble myself by not thinking I can bridge the gap between God and myself on my own, God reaches across the gap through Christ and provides peace that I never could have had otherwise.

Humanity doesn’t have inherent peace with God. God offers a solution to the problem: His strength. We get it by faith in God’s ability to bridge the gap between us and Him (Christ), and not our own ability. The outcome is peace. There you have it: the gospel outlined in one verse from Isaiah.