A friend of mine posted the following article on his web site I Shall Stand:

Loser at Love? Blame Plato!.

He deals with the philosophical origins of the “soul mate” idea.  I had no idea that phraseology such as “platonic” and the “other half” came from Plato.  It explains so much.

I think that God certainly does lead us in life, and that he especially wants to lead us in the second most important decision of our lives: finding a mate.  But I think that carrying the weight of finding our “soul mate” or the-one-person-on-earth-that-God-has-for-me is not something that God asked us to carry.  God leads us.  He arranges circumstances, more or less, He expects us to use our brains by applying His principles (otherwise why do we pray for wisdom?), and so much more.  But nowhere does He ask us to find “the one”.

God is a creative God.  He has a lot of ways to bring people together.  God does not use cookie-cutter processes in salvation, nor in Christian growth, and we shouldn’t expect that in romantic relationships either.