Going Where He Sends Us

These last few weeks have been crazy!! The devil is working hard here. Wendy and I have been feeding many babies at the nutrition center to the point where we have been going there consistantly everyday for two weeks (it is suppose to be closed until September). Two of the babies were not eating and had to be put on NG tubes.

The thoughts and feelings I have when I see these extremely malnourished babies are hard to put into words. In some cases the babies look like they are much older than they are, only because they are so small their skin droops from their extremities. Other cases are so severe that they have wounds all over their body caused by the malnutrition. Every movement they make is severely painful for them and their faces are marked with extreme suffering. The first time I saw a child who was…

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2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Oh wow, this is so heart breaking. That look, I know that look. A mother’s look that says, “You are my last resort, surely you can save my child.”

    Friends of yours TA?

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