Here’s the men’s Romans chapter 5 Bible study from last night.  The workout analogy was made up on the spot.

5:3-5 – How do the steps of the ladder lead to the next step(s)?

  • A trial is like a workout
  • Perseverance is muscle growth
  • Character is who you are: the new muscular body
  • Hope is confidence, given by your training regime, that you will win the prize
  • Hope does not disappoint because we trust that our trainer’s regimen will give us success

5:7 – Why will someone die for a good man, but not for a righteous one?

5:15 – How does the size of Jesus Christ’s gift compare to Adam’s offense?

5:17 – What is the outcome of the two acts?

5:18 – How much does justification cost?

  • Justification: the greatest discount ever. Cost the supplier everything, but made free to you. You didn’t have anything to buy it with anyway.