Having devotions is like exercising, in a sense.  It’s what you need to stay health, and it’s good to have a plan.  When I go for a run, I don’t jump straight to the running, I take the first quarter mile or so to walk and get the blood flowing.  I use it as a warm-up.

It’s good to do this with devotions as well.  It’s hard for me to jump straight to the meat of my devotions without a warm-up process.  It helps me to shake off whatever cobwebs I have from the waking up process, and I don’t feel like I have to accomplish anything with it.  I just use it to warm up to Jesus by walking into the pool from the kiddie end.

My warm-up right now is “Our Father Cares”, a compiled daily devotional from the writings of Ellen White.  It’s nice.

I’m using this because I haven’t read through an Ellen White devotional before, and I think that would be neat to do.  Also, the readings are short.  They make a nice point, and then I can move on to a longer prayer time or what I’m reading/studying that morning.

You don’t have to use a devotional book, although they’re structured and that helps.  Find something that’s short, spiritual, Biblically connected, and that you enjoy.  Something that you can look forward to.  It could even be singing a song or two if that’s your thing.

I hope this tip helps you to enjoy your daily spiritual exercise.