Genesis 32:26
“I will not let You go unless You bless me!”

Last week was a very interesting week for me.  I had a string of high-stress, and/or crisis events.  But I had one that made the others fade into the background.  And if you know me, or know the tone of this blog, it wasn’t a relationship issue.

This crisis event shook me up more than I can remember something affecting me in the recent past.  It knocked me down, and I’ve been praying hard since.  “God, show me your direction, show me your leading.”  “What decisions should I be making in my life?”  I put out an SOS on social media, and I was encouraged by the number of people who said they would pray for me. “God, I need clarity.  Guide me according to your promises.”

A friend of mine gave me contact information for someone who might be able to shine some light onto my situation.  I met with this person earlier this week, and they were able to provide some context for future decisions.  They appreciated my background, and brought a spiritual approach to the conversation, which I appreciated.  The upshot is that I was provided with some paths of pursuit, and, from a place where I didn’t have much, some hope.

However, now that there is some forward progress, the temptation is to ease up on praying, because the situation doesn’t feel as dire as before.  This is an error.  The situation has not been resolved yet.

2 Kings 13:18, 19
Then he said, “Take the arrows”; so he took them. And he said to the king of Israel, “Strike the ground”; so he struck three times, and stopped. And the man of God was angry with him, and said, “You should have struck five or six times; then you would have struck Syria till you had destroyed it! But now you will strike Syria only three times.”

We shouldn’t be content with partial answers, a half blessing, and incomplete growth.  We need to press through, hold on to God, and not let go until we receive the full blessing that God has for us.

In the story from Kings, the king had been instructed to basically ask God for a blessing on the scale that he would like.  He settled for a smaller blessing, rather than a full or complete one.

When we sense God working in our lives, in my case by taking me through a crisis event, we should press through and search for the maximum reward.  If God is trying to teach us something, let’s press through and grasp the whole meaning, rather than settling for an, “Oh, that’s neat” resolution.

I say this, because I sense this lesson applies to me.  I have not achieved full resolution in my situation.  I need to continue seeking God with all my heart until it becomes clear.  I hope that somehow through my situation and my learning, that you can take some lessons as well in finding God’s blessing.