“When A Flame Is Fine” by Lyndsay Taylor

Nothing too hot or cold, blend ’til you can’t say it’s either way
Nothing too black or white, just stay in shadows of the gray
I’ve felt a time or two, an ember crying to be wild
A thankfulness so strong, thought it would catch the room on fire
But somehow moments pass and passion goes unsaid and unheard
And people smile and nod approving of my well-timed reserve, reserved for what?

When a flame is fine, the taste of grace is familiar
When less is more than enough
And when our faith is hidden deep in culture’s rarely spoken creed
Lord will there be mercy?

Verse 2:
And so as to not offend, so for the sake of keeping peace
We let religion tie our hands, until we have no offering left to bring
And so it becomes the norm to dance with hesitating feet
to sing with quiet tongues and let tradition bind us to our seats
But I don’t want to be caught in the middle when You taste
The very heart of me, Lord find us burning, find us burning
Lord find us burning, find us burning

Chorus 2
‘Cause when a flame is fine You are so far from glorified
as we’re so easily satisfied
And with our voices unrehearsed as we’re approaching Your return
Lord will there be mercy?

The driest field in town will be the quickest to ignite
A sudden wind, a tiny flame, in moments all will see the light-