David and Sarah are getting settled into how things are going in Chad. This is a post from when they were two weeks in. Hopefully we get a year-end report soon from them!

Going Where He Sends Us

After having reached the 15-day mark in Chad, I wanted to bring word about how things are going for us. And give a couple fun stories of stuff that has happened to us here already. We are settling into life here. Gary and Wendy Roberts, our leaders and mentors here, graciously fed us initially so we could get our feet under us, but now we’re cooking for ourselves. Everything is the way food should be: unpackaged, small, and nowhere near nice enough that you would ever consider buying them in the States. Sarah used an entire bulb of garlic in a sauce for lunch, which is equivalent to about 2-3 cloves in the US. We wake up before dawn, today at 4:30am to do devos and meet for morning worship with some church members at 5:30. After breakfast, it’s work time, stopping for lunch around 12-1, then more work until…

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