The Rich Roll podcast is one of the podcasts I subscribe to, and my favorite episodes are the ones where he interviews people that have changed their lifestyle and are living proof of the positive benefits.  I’m a believer that the facts are good, but the testimony of one who changed their life is better.  Josh LaJaunie is one of those stories.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.

Catch RichRoll’s podcast interview with him.

Here’s a taste that Rich has up on the linked page:

This interview is like nothing you have heard before on this show.

It will move you.  It will inspire you.  It will erase whatever obstacles and excuses you rely on that perpetuate bad habits, keep you stuck, and reinforce denial.  By listening, my hope is that you will realize that no matter what your circumstances or environment, we all have the power to implement profound personal change beyond our collective imagination in miraculous and fantastic ways.

A couple weeks ago, a guy called Josh LaJaunie tweeted me his before and after pictures, thanking me for helping him along his journey of total transformation.  Bear in mind, I get many such images sent to me.  I absolutely love this stuff – It’s why I do what I do.  But something about this post was different.  The change was so astounding, my first thought was, “Can this be real?”  The 400+ pound guy on the left bore almost no resemblance to the guy on the right, a super fit, super handsome young man running with a big smile on his face.  And yet when I looked closely, I could indeed determine that it was in fact the same person.  I was stunned.


Check out the story and see that it really is possible to affect change in your life.  Josh is from a southern U.S. culture where healthy eating is frowned upon, and largeness is a way of life.  His transformation and story are truly empowering.  Follow the link above and listen to his story.

Thanks to Rich Roll for the interview, podcast, and info from his site.

Also, fair warning that the language is a bit salty in places.