The last time I wrote about pool problems, LA Fitness was taking FOREVER to drain, clean, and fill their pool, and I was having a hard time finding places to swim.  Since then, the pool has filled back up, but I’ve encountered another problem that I’ve never faced before: serious congestion after swimming at the gym.

At first the sinus congestion was coincidental.  Then I noticed a pattern.  Every day after I would swim at the gym (rhyme!), but not with the masters group, I would be majorly congested the next day.

Of course, my first thoughts were, “Oh no, dirty bottoms!  Ewwwww, this can’t be good.”

But of course, they had just finished cleaning their pool, so I wasn’t sure that was it.  Also, I’ve swum at the pool plenty of times before and not had this problem, and I definitely swallow more water with the masters group and don’t have any issues there (lots more lane sharing).  Anyway, I was very skeptical about the water quality of the pool and started thinking about other places I could switch out my gym membership to.

Then someone online mentioned it could be chemicals in the pool.  Then one of my masters group coaches said the same thing.  Then another did.  (I asked them all separately, because I wanted independent answers).  So I’m satisfied that it’s the chemical level at the pool, but still, that’s a nasty problem to have. One coach mentioned getting some nose plugs.

I’m not sure what to do about it.  In the meantime it won’t kill me, and I’m good after a day, but yech, this isn’t optimal.  Anyone have thoughts on a solution?

On another note, on my swim at the gym on Sunday, the guy sharing the lane next to me was a talker, and shared how he had lost 80 pounds in a year.  Wow! Congrats to him, for sure.  He said he did it mostly through a better diet, though he’s been exercising more also (which is a true statement, as weight loss is easier done by eating healthy and less).  Props to him for making changes in his life.  It will pay off.

One of the things I love about triathlon/running/swimming/cycling is the stories that people have.  We all inspire each other by how we have conquered change and fear.