I met up with my coach last Tuesday and we talked about how we were going to set up my races for next season.  We’re going to set up the year with two peaks.  Coming into things, we’ll cram May and June full of races, learn a lot, and then nail my two late summer races in August.

After we met, he gave me a homework assignment to pick races according to the following guidelines 1) The races between now and June that I want to do, 2) 6-8 races May-June, and 3) pick a half ironman (70.3).

Here’s the list I came up with:

Date Race Day Cost
1 2/16/2014 Arizona Half Marathon Sunday 50
2 3/3/2014 ORRRC Splash n Dash #3 (5k only) Monday 0
3 4/16/2014 ORRRC Half Marathon Sunday 25
4 5/7/2014 ORRRC GRCP 10k Trail Run Wednesday 0
5 5/15/2014 ORRRC Vandalia 5k Thursday 0
6 6/1/2014 Hawk Island Triathlon (Sprint) Sunday 50
7 6/4/2014 Speedy Feet Wed Night Tri #1 Wednesday 15
8 6/18/2014 Speedy Feet Wed Night Tri #2 Wednesday 15
9 6/22/2014 Camp Meeting 10k Sunday 10
10 6/29/2014 HFP Mason Triathlon (Sprint) Sunday 55
11 8/11/2014 USAT Sprint Nationals Sunday 95
12 8/31/2014 HFP Great Buckey Challenge (HIM) Sunday 125

The first half marathon (HM) is something that I already planned with my brother, and the 4/16 HM is also already planned.  I want to get some 5Ks in because I want to get my PR down a bit.  I know I can do it.  I’ve also never done a 10k before or a trail race, so it looks like I decided to do both at once.

The ORRRC (except for the HM) races are “free” because I paid for a yearly membership of $25, and generally most races are then free.  The Speedy Feet races are super cheap as well, which is good.  The half ironman is probably one of the least expensive as well.  Fortunately I race with Team Revolution that sponsors two races, so guess which ones I’m going to pick? :)

The Hawk Island Tri is the one race I want to nail in the first peak (a lot of friends from Team Revolution will be there, and I want to place well, if you know what I mean ;p ).  The sprint nationals and the half ironman (HIM) are the late season peak.  Both of those will be awesome to do.  I’m looking forward to getting my speed up for the nationals, and the HIM will be my first 70.3.  Lots to look forward to!

There will likely be some post August races as well, but it’s really early to plan those.  It’s always exciting to look to the future.  Who knows, I might get a late season marathon, or hammer the 5Ks!  Ooh, a century or two would be awesome.