“Little deeds of charity, little acts of self-denial, speaking simple words of helpfulness, watching against little sins–this is Christianity.” Lift Him Up p 346.2


“A well-balanced character is formed by single acts well performed.” Lift Him Up p 346.4

The big things in life, the crisis moments, aren’t what define us.  Really, those are revealing moments.  The defining moments are the little things that we do day to day.  Our small, regular actions are how we choose to live.  Our major situational actions flow from how we choose to live our normal lives.  The big actions are extensions of the little ones.

Therefore, we should take the little things more seriously.  If we are faithful and diligent with the small things, that will translate to the bigger things.  Sometimes it’s easy to ignore little sins and to think that they are not a big deal, “Oh, I can guard easily against that one, it’s not complicated.” Yet if we yield to these, our tolerance and acceptance of sin will slowly grow until we are in a place that we never thought we would be.

Let’s treat the single actions in life as important pieces.  Doing the small things well will lead to doing the large things well.  Being faithful with our personal spiritual lives will lead to a Christian witness that is healthy and active.