2013 was a good year for racing.  This was my first full year of triathlon and I got five in, besides running and cycling events.  I ran my first half marathon (and any distance longer than four miles) and set my current 5k PR.  I haven’t leveled up from sprint races to olympic distance or half ironmans, but I won my age group at a sprint and was one second off my 5k PR in that race.

The eleven events are listed below with pictures, short descriptions, and my times:

  • GYC 5k – Jan 1 – 26:30

I led an 8 min/mile pace group for this race.  As you can tell from the time, either I was off, or the course was long.  It turns out the course was wrong and I nailed the pace dead on. :)

  • Frostbite 5 – Feb 3 – 38:18

This was the first time I ever ran five miles straight.  It was in my half marathon prep, and it was just a training day for me.  I wanted to go out, run 8 minute miles, and just enjoy the event (at 18 degrees with a strong breeze).  It was fun, and I actually didn’t freeze.  I’m below in the gray beanie.  (I’ve seen the front guy at other races, interestingly enough).


  • Splash n Dash 5k – Mar 3 – 21:57

This is the race where I set my 5k PR.  I came close to winning this race actually (it was small, as you could imagine).  I was a close second coming down to the home stretch, but then a volunteer waved me the wrong way.  I was confused and followed the directions instead of the leader.  So, my PR is really somewhere close to 21:00.

  • ORRRC Half Marathon – Apr 7 – 1:49.05

This was my first half marathon.  I did it with my boss and some friends.  I was hoping to break 1:44, but I ran the first half too slow.  Anyhow, I enjoyed the race, and it was more about running with friends.  I’m looking forward to doing this race again next year. (I’m in the middle below).


  • Hawk Island Triathlon (Sprint) – June 2 – 1:08:31

This was my second triathlon.  400m open water/10mi bike/5k run.  Totally got caught up in the anxiety with my first open water swim.  In the end I still beat a friend of mine, so it all worked out.  I’ll crush this one next year.  It was really awesome to be there with Team Revolution.  So many people to look out for on the course!


  • Mason Tri-umph Triathlon (Sprint) – June 30 – 1:20:52

400m pool swim/20k bike/5k run.  This was a repeat of my first triathlon in 2012.  It was a so-so race.  I averaged 20 mph on the bike, but that, and not running regularly due to an injury, led to my slowest 5k ever.  But it’s a fun local race.


  • Armco Park Sprint Triathlon – Aug 4 – 1:23:05 (#1 AG!)

750m open water/20k bike/5k run.  I originally signed up the olympic distance race, but there was no way I was in shape for that, so I opted for the sprint.  It worked out that I did fairly well on a hilly bike course, and then ran one second off my 5k PR to win my age group.  That was a goal I didn’t think would happen this year, and I was pumped!  Also, I must have been one of five people not in a wet suit at this race.  It wasn’t that cold.


  • Speedy Feet Wednesday Night Triathlon #4 – Aug 21 – 1:55:22.9

800m/20.4 mi bike/ 3.5 mi run.  This race had another painfully slow run in it.  I haven’t had a run this painful since my first 5k, I think.  But I kept at it, and the last mile or so came around, but up until then I had to fight myself to keep from walking.  My bike is on the left.  Don’t those two Giants look awesome?


  • Hancock Horizontal Hundred (66 mi) – Sep 8 – 4:49:04

This was a metric century ride I did with a friend of mine.  This type of event is so different from a non-drafting triathlon.  It’s a lot of fun to hop onto the back of a group and draft.


  • University of Dayton Triathlon – Sep 15 – 1:48:28.8

800m/20.4 mi bike/ 3.5 mi run.  This race was on the same course as the last triathlon.  The morning started off super chilly, but ended well.  I managed the bike much better than the first time, and ran way, way better.  Definitely a much better note to end the triathlon season on.


  • Tour DeWitt Century (44 mi) – Sep 22 – 2:36:14

This was going to be a metric century ride for me, but the morning was cold and bitterly windy.  I knew I could have ended the ride after the first 22 mile loop, but I didn’t want to end at that sort of a mileage.  So I stuck it out for another loop.  I wasn’t there to achieve any goal, so I didn’t have any motivation to push longer.