This is the first blog post since David and Sarah made it to Chad! I’m glad that they’re still keeping in contact with us this way.

Going Where He Sends Us

Lizards, spiders, bucket showers, a floor that’s never clean, drums in the distance, self taught French lessons, monkeys, moto rides, and mosquito nets. Those are just a few things I am getting used to.

I have set some goals for myself this first week including:

1. Learn to ride the scooter (which this morning I rode from our house to the nutrition center and back, which is very sandy, and didn’t wipe out!)

2. Learn French!!!! Most mornings there is someone at our door trying to sell me some kind of food, but usually David is not there when they come so I’m left trying to tell them we don’t want it right now (since Gary and Wendy are feeding us for a few weeks until we are fully settled) today the guard of our compound came with a lady who had papayas and I was speaking a little bit…

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