Here’s my my main swim set for the day:

Main set:

  1. 4 x 50 fingertip drill 15 sec rest
  2. 4 x 50 kick on side w/board (just lay one arm on board) 15 sec rest alternate sides
  3. 4 x 50 180 degree rotation w/each stroke 15 sec rest
  4. 4 x 50 catchup 15 sec rest
  5. 4 x 50 kick on back no board 15 sec rst
  6. 4 x 50 long strokes and good form 10 sec rest

I’m clear on most of the drills, but wasn’t sure what the first one was.  Fingertip?  Hmm?  Fingertips pointing straight ahead like in a stroke?  Was kind of wishing that my coach included videos for all of these drills so that this visual learner could visually learn.

So I did the natural thing and googled it.

Turns out that I know what this drill is, I just hadn’t recognized it for some reason.  Here’s a video that goes over it and explains it if you’re interested.

It’s a real good drill for developing a proper roll in each stroke, which makes each stroke more efficient and has less drag.