My regular lap pool at LA Fitness has left me feeling empty recently.  Or rather, it’s been empty causing me to miss workouts and go elsewhere.

It was supposed to be drained, cleaned, and refilled by Friday, then by Monday, and supposedly open today….  I’ll believe it when I see it.

So on Sunday I went to another LA Fitness location to get my laps in.   I looked at the pool, and it didn’t look right. I got in and swam, and it didn’t feel right. The whole workout didn’t feel right. I kept thinking, “This pool is small. This pool is small.” It was definitely small. I asked on the way out, and they said it was about 18y. I don’t think I’ll be going back there again.  It’ll be the day when I can knock out 100y in warmup in one minute.


The LA Fitness pool still being empty on Monday, I decided to go to the local rec center.  I had never swum there before.  It was actually a rather nice facility, and had a large swim complex.

My main set was a 500y pull followed by a 500y kick.  The pull set came through nicely, but the kick set was murder.  I guess I fulfill the stereotype of a triathlete with a poor kick.  I can still feel it in my legs.  I knew 500y straight would be tough, but yikes.

All during my swim there was a guy splitting a lane with me doing laps. He was keeping up with me when I was pulling, and I was like, ‘whoa, he’s pretty quick.’ He kept his set going, and swam the whole time I was kicking. I kept watching him to see how long his set would last, and if he was going to do anything else in his workout. He ended his 2,000y set when I finished kicking and we got to chat. He does tris, usually half ironmans (HIMs), and also leads out in spinning classes at my regular gym.

One of the great things about the exercise lifestyle (whether running, cycling, swimming, or triathlon) is the people that we get to meet along the way.  It’s always great to meet other people on a similar journey as ourselves.