I’m going to be racing the IMS Arazona Half Marathon in February.  I’ll be visiting my brother in what is most likely his last year of school at Arizona State University, and we’re going to do the race together.  It was all crystalized by the suggestion of a friend who is moving down there at the turn of the year who will be racing with us.

I hope that returning to running will go well.  Six months ago when I ran my last half marathon, I picked up a knee issue, that was, apparently, undiagnosable.  Recently I ditched my custom orthotics, and the knee problems went away.  However, the plantar fasciitis that I was using the orthotics for is making a comeback.  Honestly, I wish I could just run in peace with none of these little issues.

Really, if I hadn’t picked up any knee issues, I’d be running the Chicago marathon this Sunday.  I’m registered for it, but was unable to train for it since April.  It’s an interesting feeling getting the mail/email/twitter updates for something I can’t participate in.

I’ve ordered a pair of non-custom shoe inserts.  Hopefully they will be the happy balance between keeping the feet and knees happy.

Also, on Monday I’m going to be meeting with a local tri coach to discuss working with him for training.  I’m pretty excited about that.  I figure that with a coach guiding training and goals, I’ll be able to make some good progress in my fitness and racing.

I’m also looking forward to having someone on tap that I can ask questions like: sleeves or sleeveless wetsuit, how do I improve swimming form, etc.

I’ll post an update next week after the meeting.  Happy racing to all those doing the Chicago marathon!