We have an inexhaustible storehouse, an ocean of love, in the God of our salvation. He has placed in the hands of Christ all the treasures of the heavenly resources and says, “All these are for man in order to convince fallen, sinful man of My love, that there is no love in the universe but Mine, and for his happiness I am working and will work.” {Manuscript Releases Vol 21 392.2}

Sometimes when I pray, I picture the smallness of the world in comparison to the vastness of the universe.  I think about the number of angels and other heavenly beings hinted at in Job 1 & 2 and think that number must be large.  Then I think about how much interest and value heaven places on our little world.  We get a disproportionate amount of interest, I think.

The reason we get so much interest is that God really does love us humans.  He loves us so much that it can be compared to standing on the shore of an ocean and thinking about how big it is in relation to ourselves.  God wants this great amount of love to be a revelation that affects our lives.  In our sinful state, we are confused about a lot of things, and it can be tricky to get a proper perspective on what really matters.  Focusing on God’s love is a way to right the ship, and to understand our lives in relation to God.

This love is God’s true perspective.  He is not an ultimate disciplinarian waiting to get us; rather He is a God of love waiting to save us from our sinfulness and selfishness that in the end will result in our death.  He works for our happiness.