I’m going to be riding my bike 100 miles this Sunday. The cycling parlance is riding a “century”. The Hancock Horizontal Hundred is in Findlay, Ohio. Northwest Ohio is majestically, wonderfully, totally FLAT, so this ride will be one of the easier ones out there to do (which is great, because my longest ride before this century was 50 miles this last Sunday). This will be my second century.

Here’s the cheesy promo video to give you an idea of the flat farmlands I’ll be riding through (read: corn and soybean fields, home for me!):

I saw a guy on a mountain bike at 0:13. Dude’s suicidal, I think. I, on the other hand, will be cruising on my road bike. Because this will be a social ride, I don’t expect to be on the aero bars much.


I’ve been hitting the trails to get ready, though not as much as I really should be. I’m banking on this being an easy ride. Here I am smiling at the camera. Selfies are not a strong point of mine. (I took this last fall, I think, as evinced by the black compression shirt under the jersey. Though I coincidentally am working on sprouting a beard currently).


Honestly, I like cruising on the bike trails. Dayton has a great system of trails. I like the ones on the east side in the country, out in the living fields and forests.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 9.30.11 PM

It’s so enjoyable to cruise along in the green stuff. Much better than city riding.


I’ll take my camera along (hopefully) and take some pics from the event on Sunday.