I was out for a long bike ride on Sunday.  It had been about three weeks since my last long ride, due to racing and traveling, so I opted for a 40 mile ride instead of 50 miles.  The weather was optimal for a ride in the mid 70s with a clear blue sky overhead and plenty of sunshine.  Dayton has a great system of bike trails, and I like the one on the east side in the country the best.  I like riding in the green-ness.  A lot of other people were out as well.

Bike Ride Map


I did the ride on the aero bars, and as per usual, I was the one doing the passing on the trails.  Exactly at 20 miles as I was turning a round, a couple guys passed me on recumbents. One had a cloth enclosure, and both were fast.  Don’t think beach cruiser, think this:


I mean, how much more aero can you get than being 2 inches off the ground, or basically being inside of a pine wood derby car (bike)?  I turned around and tried to catch them, but it wasn’t happening.  As I found out later, when they were traveling south on the downhill portion (the bike trail follows a river), they were cruising at 28 mph, though at that point they were probably 25ish.

Anyhow, the guy on the red bike must have stopped for something, because a few miles later, he passed me and commented on the nice day. He was cruising at 24 mph (this is the slight incline section of the trail). I tried to stay with him and draft his bike as he passed, but it didn’t work like that and I got dropped. A few miles later I passed him on the side of the road as he was looking at his bike. He said he didn’t need anything, and he seemed to be looking at his frame. i went on for a couple more miles, and the guy that was with him (who didn’t have the cloth-enclosed bike) came up next to me and asked if I had seen the other guy. I said I had, and we then talked about his bike.  He said he uses it for time trials. I asked him about a certain local 10 mile time trial, and he said he owns the course record. He listed some ridiculously fast times.  It left me wondering about whether recumbents should be allowed to compete. He then turned around to find the other guy.

After seeing those guys, it’s awful tempting to get one of those rides.  The speed must be a blast.  Maybe someday after I add a tri bike…