I have started couple new things recently that I enjoy.  The first is racing triathlons, events that consist of swimming, biking, and running, in that order.  It is great to be getting regular, varied exercise, and the races are a lot more interesting than a race that is purely one activity.  The second new thing is joining an Adventist racing team called Team Revolution.  Team Revolution encourages a healthy lifestyle of exercise, and notably, provides opportunities for its athletes to use races to fundraise for mission projects.

Team Revolution is supporting a mission project in the Amazon for the next two years, Amazon Lifesavers.  Amazon Lifesavers seeks to reach those who live in the most difficult corners of the Amazon, principally working in communities along Amazon and its tributaries. They equip and send volunteers into the Amazon Region using health and evangelism to share Christ and Bible truth.

There is a great need for church construction for the rapidly growing congregations along the Amazon. Funds will be used to purchase construction supplies as well as various items such as Bibles, hymnals, MP3 players, and many health-related items such as toothbrushes and eyeglasses.  Also needed are funds for their Bible work training school that just graduated its first class.

You can find more information on Amazon Lifesavers at their Facebook page.

This year I will be raising money to support their projects, and in 2014 I will be raising money to travel to Brazil for the Team Revolution mission trip to support Amazon Lifesavers.  My goal this year is to raise at least $500 for Amazon Lifesavers.


I will be using several events to raise money this year: a sprint distance triathlon on August 4, a sprint triathlon August 21, and the Team Revolution Tour de Witt Century ride.  Each race is an opportunity to support mission project.  I will be sending out information for each race.


The sprint distance triathlon will be in Mason, OH this Sunday, and will be a 750 meter swim, a 12.4 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run, close to 16 miles total.

Please consider donating.  You can:

  • Donate $1 or more per mile of the race.
  • Donate a specific dollar amount for completing the race.
  • Donate any amount for the project.

I appreciate having sponsors contribute, as it helps motivate the training and racing. Donations can be made at my Team Revolution fundraising page.  Also, if you are donating, please send me an email and I will send you a full race report of my experience for the sprint triathlon via email as well as a report of my trip to the Amazon next year.

Thank you for supporting missions with me!