It is just as essential to do the will of God when erecting a building as when taking part in a religious service. And if the workers have brought the right principles into their own character making, then in the erection of every building they will grow in grace and knowledge. – Christ’s Object Lessons, p 350.1

Ecclesiastes 9:10 – Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…

One upon a time I spent a while doing full time ministry.  Now I work in a health care compliance/finance/real estate role.  On occasion when I have talked with people still in full time ministry and tell them what I do, the response has been a polite, “Oh.”  It leaves me with the feeling that, “Oh, you’re one of THEM now.  A regular church goer that wasn’t committed enough to stick with full time ministry.  Your Christian experience has probably stopped advancing in the way mine has.”

To be fair, I could be reading into things, as I am no mind reader, and it is healthy to assume the best in people so that Satan doesn’t drive wedges between individuals.  Yet I can’t help but feel sometimes that there is a feeling in Christianity of a division between those doing full time ministry and those that aren’t.  We must be careful with that.  We are a priesthood of ALL believers.

It is true that those in full time ministry are constantly being stretched and tested, and therefore have opportunity for spiritual growth, but God also gives those opportunities to the rest of us.  When we are faithful with our work, whether it be architecture, construction, business, health care, full time motherhood, or anything else, we can be growing spiritually as we are faithful with the work that is in front of us.  As we strengthen our character qualities in work, we strengthen our character.  I’m glad that God doesn’t have tiers of Christians.

We should pray for faithfulness and diligence in our work, and that others will see Christ in our work.