A Better Time

I’m reading “Love Does” right now by Bob Goff. The chapters are pretty short, and mostly good (though the best were the first seven, I think; more on that later). The theme of his stories usually centers around just doing things rather than thinking them to death.

This concept reminded me of several stories in my own life.

#1: In 2004 I had the opportunity to go to Africa to preach a series of meetings. I didn’t go. I had some other summer activities on my mind, things that weren’t bad, but things that were used as excuses. I didn’t go, and it was a bad mistake because I know it is what God wanted me to do. I missed part of the story God wanted me to live

#2: In 2005 I had the opportunity to sell Christian books door to door and then leave my state university to go to a small Bible college. I jumped at both. I had let the previous year’s call slip though my hands, and when God led this time, I knew I better grab it or risk God not giving me any more opportunities. I had a tremendous life-shaping time that trailed on over the next couple years.

#3: This year I had the opportunity to go on another mission trip overseas. I decided against it. It’s not that I’m convinced I made the wrong decision, but I think I went about the decision process wrong. I should have viewed the trip as an opportunity, rather than a problem to be solved, and prayed for guidance a whole lot harder than I did.

Sometimes things in life need to just be done now rather than waiting for ‘the right time’. The right time, like tomorrow, never comes. And I think that when we meet a challenge head on, we can generally make it work, though if we never try we never will.

3 thoughts on “A Better Time

  1. Wow, what you said about doing things “now” instead of waiting for the “right time,” is so true. I completely agree with you on that point. Though, I do believe that it’s also very important for us to always keep things in prayer and in fellowship with the Lord before jumping into decisions too quickly. His perfect will is always the safest.:)

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