Team Revolution had its season kickoff this Sunday.  We did a fitness test (to be followed up at the end of the year), reviewed the Amazon Lifesavers project in Brazil we will be supporting, discussed our goals, got our team jerseys, and got new shoes.

One of our members has some sort of sponsorship deal (I think). We were all able to try on shoes and take the ones we liked.  I found two pairs of Adidas running shoes (no one else there wanted those shoes or that size).  It was interesting to me that where I might pick a size 10 or 10.5 Saucony, 11s seemed to be the proper size for Adidas.

I’m totally digging the neon yellow shoelaces on the Energy Boost shoes.  As for the Response Stability shoes, I’m glad to have a pair that will be a safety shoe that will protect my feet.  It will be good to have those in the rotation for my day to day runs.  The blue is a good color.  Although, to be honest, I wish at least one of them was a brash orange or yellow.

The upshot is that I’m super thankful to have two free new pairs of shoes!

Adidas Response Stability 5
Adidas Energy Boost
Adidas Energy Boost
Feeling Blue