The great storehouse of truth is the word of God—the written word, the book of nature, and the book of experience in God’s dealing with human life. Here are the treasures from which Christ’s workers are to draw. In the search after truth they are to depend upon God, not upon human intelligences, the great men whose wisdom is foolishness with God. Through His own appointed channels the Lord will impart a knowledge of Himself to every seeker. – {Christ’s Object Lessons 125.2}

Jeremiah 33:3 – ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

It’s nice to have trustable sources of truth.  The primary source is the Bible.  It tells us clearly what is true and what is not.  Nature is also a good source of truth.  Nature suggests a creator: there are unique plants and animals that defy an evolutionary explanation.  There are animals/insects and plants combinations that specifically minister to each other.  Which came first? Nature also shows cruelty and death, and reveals to us the unnatural struggle against evil that we find ourselves in on this world.  We also have our experiences of the things God has done for us.  I have had and heard many answers to prayer that go beyond circumstantial fulfillment and show a divine interest in our lives.

Having sources of truth available to each of us relieves us of a blind dependency on others.  It is clear that a reliance on pastors/priests/others has led to many errors and weak spiritual lives in many throughout history.  This isn’t to say that organized religion is wrong, but we shouldn’t blindly depend on others to tell us what truth is, we should search for it ourselves.  At first glance it seems easiest to trust other humans to teach us, and so it might be at the outset of our religious experience, but God wants us to be in a place where He can teach us himself.  God wants us to develop our own spiritual independence, and to trust Him to lead us into truth.