When you have sought to know His will, your part in the operation with God is to believe that you will be led and guided and blessed in the doing of His will. We may mistrust ourselves lest we misinterpret His teachings, but make even this a subject of prayer, and trust Him, still trust Him to the uttermost, that His Holy Spirit will lead you to interpret aright His plans and the working of His providence.—{Ye Shall Receive Power 114.4}

James 1:5-6 — If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.

There are a lot of times when I pray that I’ll worry my own understanding will mess up God’s plans.  What if my human shortsightedness misses the lesson God has for me?  What is the best thing to do with my job/career?  How will I know who I’m supposed to marry (seen a lot of people mess that one up)?  What plan does God have for me for ministering?  What if I miss the lessons?  What if I don’t get them?  I can be dense sometimes.  God always sends us His lessons in ways we’ll understand, but us humans are good at ignoring them, and I’m not any better.

The answer is in the second sentence in the above quote.  We can pray that God will override our fallibility.  God will, and wants to, honor that prayer.  Our part is to have faith that God will do that.  We must trust he will.  If we don’t trust God, all is lost anyway.  I’m glad I can pray these two prayers, that God will lead me, and that He’ll help me understand his lessons.  I need all the help I can get living life.