I know God’s plans know no haste and no delay,
But I don’t understand why he does it this way.

“God knows best; be blessed,” and all the rest…
Yet the picture’s not clear and my life seems a mess.

Life isn’t easy, it wasn’t meant to be.
I also must remember that its not about me.

In Him I have a friend who sees beginning and ending;
Surrendering my will isn’t losing but it’s winning.

God has more at stake in this world than you or I.
You can be sure that sin makes him cry.

God has a plan to use us to save out neighbors,
To free them from sin, selfishness, and bad behaviors.

So if your life seems out of whack with society’s plan,
Know God wants to change you to the image of a Man.

It’s not easy, not fast, and tough to go through it,
But if you knew from the end, it’s how you would do it.