I wasn’t running late this morning, but I wanted to get to the gym a little early.  It’s the beginning of the year, and I knew the spinning class would be full, even though it was a little after 5:30.  I wanted to make sure I got a bike before they all filled up.

I pulled into the parking lot, grabbed my water bottle and jumped out of my car, locking it as I went.  I was already half-running toward the building.

“Hey! Your car’s rolling!” someone shouted from behind me.  I turned to see that, indeed, my car was rolling.  I hadn’t left the car in gear, nor had I pulled the e-brake.  I ran back to the car, and got behind it to stop it (which probably wasn’t the best thing to do; I should have just jumped into it).  The lady volunteered to hold the car while I got into it.

I quickly jumped into my car and resolved the situation.  I am tremendously glad that individual was there at that moment, because my car would have been a few seconds away from rolling into another car (it was on a slight incline, apparently).  I thank God that he arranged for her to be there.

Sometimes things just happen, and sometimes God has us in places for a reason.  Take the opportunities that are there to help people.