There are many hymns in a hymnal that are not sung enough. This seems to me to be because people usually pick their favorite hymns and don’t venture out into the unknown very much. It’s true that some hymns have awkward music even though the poetry might be compelling. This song is not one of them.

When Christ Was Lifted From the Earth is a short, melodious hymn. It speaks of unity, harmony, and abandoning racism. This song has so much potential if sung more often in church. The music and words combined are compelling.

When Christ was lifted from the earth His arms stretched out above
Through every culture, every birth, to draw an answering love.

Still east and west His love extends and always, near or far,
He calls and claims us as His friends and loves us as we are.

Where generation, class, or race divides us to our shame,
He sees not labels but a face, a person and a name.

Thus freely loved, tho’ fully known, may I in Christ be free
To welcome and accept His own as Christ accepted me.