There are times when a distinct view is presented to me of the condition of the remnant church, a condition of appalling indifference to the needs of a world perishing for lack of a knowledge of the truth for this time. Then I have hours, and sometimes days, of intense anguish. Many to whom have been committed the saving truths of the third angel’s message fail of realizing that the salvation of souls is dependent upon the consecration and activity of God’s church. Many are using their blessings in the service of self. Oh, how my heart aches because Christ is put to shame by their un-Christlike behavior! But, after the agony is past, I feel like working harder than ever to arouse them to put forth unselfish effort for the saving of their fellow men. – {8T 24.1}

This is a pretty intense quote. I think of missionaries who give what they have, sometimes the little that they have, for the service of others. I then compare that to the recreational spending I do. Should I spend the money I do the way I do when the outcome of people’s lives depends on that? The $15 I spend at a restaurant could be sent to a place, or used in a way, to make a difference in the world, and not just to have a good time.

I also think of the frustration I feel sometimes when people do not pursue what I think are obvious outreach opportunities. While it may be frustrating, I need to concentrate on my own faithfulness, and let it drive me to a complete fulfillment of how God wants to use me.