Messages will be given out of the usual order. The judgments of God are in the land. While city missions must be established where colporteurs, Bible workers, and practical medical missionaries may be trained to reach certain classes, we must also have, in our cities, consecrated evangelists through whom a message is to be borne so decidedly as to startle the hearers. {Gospel Workers p 354.2}

This paragraph shows the need to have a complete evangelism team working together in a city. It seems that most of the time these classes of workers operate in isolation: canvassers by themselves, Bible workers by themselves, etc. What we need to do is build a team with all the components.

A team of just canvassers is not complete. A team of just Bible workers is not complete. An evangelist by himself is not complete. We need to learn to operate as a body. A complete work will be done only when the body works together.

Sometimes I find that certain people prefer to work in specialized groups. This is ok to some extent, but we need to come together and coordinate our work. We need to reexamine models that are exclusive to one type of evangelism. Workers should still focus on their primary task (Canvassing, Bible work, medical), but there should be coordinated teamwork.

This combined model is what ThisGeneration tries to do. On our mission trip programs we train our students in Bible work, medical evangelism, and canvassing principles. We also run a canvassing program in parallel to the mission trips so that both groups have an exposure to the other group. We then bring in Bible workers to follow up the leads and train church members. We also work with a church through a reaping series. It is total, holistic evangelism.

Let’s work as a body.