These are the thought questions that were shared at our men’s Bible study tonight. You won’t have our discussion, but you can get there on your own.

As David says, be happy in the freedom that God offers us through faith. Abraham shows us that faith sees past the impossible, and we can face the infinite gap between us and God with confidence, knowing that Christ has bridged it for us.

4:1,2 – What would there be to boast about before men, and why wouldn’t it work with God?

4:3,4 – Why are are the wages of works a debt?

4:5-8 – Why are these people blessed?

4:9,10 – What are the implications of which state the blessing comes in?

4:11,12 – Why was circumcision given? (Circumcision = outcome)

4:13-15 – Why would the promise be of no effect?

4:16-19 – How was Abraham’s name (father of a multitude) an illustration of faith?

4:20-22 – How did Abraham model rejecting apparent impossibility?

4:23-25 – How does our faith parallel Abraham’s?