“Many of the world’s learned men have received so high an education that they cannot touch the common people. Their knowledge is intricate. It soars high, but rests nowhere. The most intelligent businessmen desire simple truth such as Christ gave to the people when He was on this earth—the truth that He declares to be spirit and life. His words are as the leaves of the tree of life. What the world needs today is the light of Christ’s example reflected from the lives of Christlike men and women. The intellect most powerful in behalf of truth is the intellect that Christ controls, ennobling and purifying it by the sanctification of the Holy Spirit. – {Testimonies for the Church, vol 9 p 135.3}”

The most striking sentence in this paragraph is the one that pictures the intellectual as soaring high, but never finding a place to rest. That reminds me of a critical thinking class that I took in college. It was a class in the honors program that prepared the intellectual elite.

Once, the professor talked about how critical thinking was a system of thought that helped us to always evaluate our beliefs and to move on to better beliefs by not becoming complacent. I think that can be used appropriately, but I think it tended to set the stage to shipwreck students’ faith. The professor said that it was a system that never let its adherents rest because they were always looking for something better.

I was always glad that I already had a resting place. I already knew an absolute truth that would help me establish all other truths. It is not complacency, but the lack of a necessity for something better.

My heart still aches for very smart classmates of mine who locked their minds to the rest Christ provides by one way or another. Christ has never been a limitation for me, but always he has always represented rest and freedom.

Matthew 11:28 – Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.