I listened to a debate yesterday between Pastor Nathan Renner and Professor Timothy Elizondo at the Columbia College.  The debate was about the possibility of an entirely good God existing in a universe of suffering and pain.  It was tremendously edifying.

I thought the debate was riveting.  Nathan Renner did an excellent job of articulating his arguments in favor of God’s true character and values, while responding to the arguments of Dr. Elizondo.  The interesting thing, is that for all the brain power that went into the debate, the arguments are followable.  There are some subtleties in the arguments that take some sophistication, but the main thrusts of each side are rather plain.  I also enjoyed the question from the audience about Hell.

I thought it was curious that Dr. Elizondo did not seem to understand Renner’s definitional argument, nor accept the natural laws of cause and effect.

I’ve included a Dropbox link to the file because I don’t think the Light Bearers download works.

Listen to it and let me know what you think!  It’s 90 minutes that are well worth your time.