I traveled to Andrews this last weekend on a mission to recruit staff for ThisGeneration’s summer program in Dayton. I made plans for the trip prior to knowing what was happening there. I discovered that GYC Great Lakes was going.

I was a bit worried that the people I would want to talk to would be preoccupied with other things. Nathaniel Gibbs certainly was (but that was because he was so involved). However, I found the overall experience to be a blessing (and I still was able to do some recruiting; thanks Kamil and Emily!).

Ty Gibson was the main speaker, and he was presenting on his normal, favorite subject: the love and character of God. Even though I have heard a few things of his, it was still a large blessing. Having Jesus presented as the great drawing force in my personal life is so much more attractive than preparing for the second coming on a fear basis.

It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to be a Christian. To stand up and be a defender of God’s honor.

I salute Ty and the Light Bearers/ARISE combo. I hope for great things. Courage.