ThisGeneration Mission Trip OH Update

I have some good news about the summer mission trip that ThisGeneration will be running in Dayton, OH this year.

My brother, Chris Albrecht, has agreed to be the program director.  Because I’m working full time I can’t directly run the program.  So in my searching for a leader, it finally was suggested to me, by another potential leader, that maybe Chris could do it.  Great idea!  He went to Mission College of Evangelism in 2006, did Bible work for Youth for Jesus that year in Portland, and has been involved in public campus ministries for a very long time.  It will be great to have him around this year.

Also, we have been able to line up our health evangelism trainers for this summer.  Janelle Morikone will be the trainer for the young adult trip, and Sarah Waterbrook will be the trainer for the teen trip.  Janelle is an RN, and Sarah is a physical therapy assistant.  These two will be the anchors, and we will be looking for others to assist them.  We’ll have a great team to provide training for our students.

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