ThisGeneration recently received some very good news. Jeff Louis, our canvassing leader from last year, will be our program director for Operation NY this year. He is currently in his last semester at Ouachitta Hills College.

He did a great job of leading last summer, and we are confident he will be a good leader over the combined programs this year. Josh Schmieder will still be very active in the NY program, and will help the overall program to keep its culture. Jeff will be able to provide the stable onsite leadership that makes things hum.

We have also decided to host the main portion of our NY program in Niagara Falls. The church plant and ministries there provide a great place to base a program. It’s also the first place TGen held a program, back in 2009. God has led us a long way since then, and it will be great to go back and sow seeds in our original territory. We look forward to working with the churches in that area.