I’m reading a book called “The Fred Factor” by Mark Sanborn for a book club.  It’s a short book mainly focused on helping people commit to making a difference in peoples’ lives regularly.  It’s a short read and a nice read.

I want to share  quote from the book that struck me particularly:

You can read books on how to make a difference.  You have probably heard teachers, pastors, and speakers exhorting their listeners to “make a difference.”

The fact is that everybody is already making a difference every day.  The key question is, What kind of difference is each one of us making?

– The Fred Factor, p 35.

What kind of difference do I make?  Or, which difference do I make?

Last night at prayer meeting at the Kettering SDA church, Mike Hagan also asked that question after reading through Romans chapter 2.  Romans 2 is about hypocrisy vs obedience, and not living the life that one believes in mentally.  How do I live my life?  Do people look at me and think, “Seriously, that guy’s not even living up to his own standard,”?

We should be planting uplifting seeds in the lives of others and living consistently so that we water and cultivate those seeds.  It’s a difficult thought to think that we might be planting both seeds and weeds (wheat and tares) in the lives of others.  Which seeds are we cultivating by how we live our lives?  Which difference are we making?  Good one day and bad the next?

Root out the seeds of hypocrisy in your own life.  Dig deep and get the roots.  We need to make a difference for God in this world.  One that we can see the harvest of ourselves.