Here’s an amazing clip from an interview Ben Stein did with Richard Dawkins for the documentary Expelled. I do recommend watching that video.

Edit: Apparently embedding of this clip is disabled.  They probably want to only manage the content on YouTube.  Follow the link and watch it there.

I find it so peculiar because Dawkins says that an explanation for the information and complex structures found in genetics and biology was probably put there by aliens. It seems amazing to me that such a renowned scientist would say that (of course it begs the question where the aliens got their complexity). Then he states that he doesn’t believe in any god, and that any such belief would be contradictory to all that he’s said. Wouldn’t such beings be considered… gods? They would, I believe, be so in a very real sense.

I appreciate his honesty in saying that he doesn’t know how life started. That question along with how the universe began are real stumpers for atheist scientists and philosophers (read There Is a God by Antony Flew).

It’s important to note that this is not a debate, and that Stein is only asking questions in order to hear answers from the man himself.