Sometimes it’s hard to keep a connection with God throughout the day. It can be hard to remember what you learned in the time you spent in devotions this morning. How do we combat this spiritual disconnect?

One solution is to “take it with you”.

When you are reading or studying your Bible write down the highlight on a notecard. That way you can carry it with you through the day. Maybe you have one or two verses that succinctly illustrate your study that morning, or perhaps you found a great quote in another book that gave you strength for the day. Perhaps there was a verse that inspired you. Write it down and take it with you.

In the picture above are two verses that I carried with me on Tuesday. I was studying through Matthew 5, and came across the concept of dying to the normal human desires that have not been renewed in Christ. I wrote down the original verse, and another verse I found that I thought developed the idea nicely.

Remember, this is supposed to help you, not to make you feel proud/guilty because you did/didn’t do it.

Don’t write down so much that the process intimidates you. Write down a little and look at it often.

And take it with you.