Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen. – John 5:21

Their are many places in the world that worship lots of gods. Here in America we don’t.  America is nominally a Christian nation, and is committed to the ‘one God’ concept.

However, I submit that idolatry is as alive and well here as in any polytheistic culture in the world.

As the NFL playoffs kicked off this last weekend, Americans seem to invest far more time into the national sport than they do into any religious services that exist.  It really amazes me that I used to sit for pretty much an ENTIRE DAY watching football on Sundays (lots of them, actually).  That’s some serious devotion.

A couple days ago I looked to see if there were any patron gods of sports in the different pantheons.  Nike seems like a good place to start as she is the goddess of victory, however the Olympics were held in honor of Zeus (authoritative reference, I know).  However, we in the western lands do it different.  We skip the deities and just worship the stuff.

We pour time into different things like sports, hobbies, entertainment, American Idol (way to pick a name, huh?), etc. The worship is still there.  The time and monetary sacrifices are clear.

Knowing that God is one  helps us to prioritize.  We know what the most important thing is in life.  It helps us not to be distracted by a pantheon of shiny things, whether fast cars or Hollywood stars.  Let the One priority shape your life.  It’s way more fulfilling to interact with God than to watch something on TV that is impossible to interact with.

Keep yourselves from idols.