The Centerville Seventh-day Adventist church in the Dayton, OH area is looking to hire a Bible worker to a year term starting in February 2012.

I will be interviewing people at GYC, for those interested.  We can set up an interview if you will not be at GYC.

The position consists of following up on leads, giving studies, and training church members to give studies.  The church is placing a strong emphasis on the training of church members.  There are media leads, leads from the congregation, and (if necessary) mail card leads to follow up on.  Applicants will be expected to have relevant training, experience gaining decisions, and ability to train church members to give Bible studies.

The position will be paid around $1,200/mo with housing and includes benefits through the conference.

The Centerville Adventist church is a large congregation on the south side of the Dayton metro area.  The church has a membership of greater than 500, and has two services on Sabbath.  They have a pastoral staff of three pastors, having recently hired a pastor specifically for evangelism.  This pastor, Bill Hrovat, has been a conference evangelist in the New York conference, and was most recently the pastor of the Westvale Seventh-day Adventist church in Syracuse, NY.  He will be the supervisor for the position.  The Bible worker will also be working with me, the interest coordinator for the church.  There are several former Bible workers in the church, and area, that will be providing lay support.  Please see the Centerville church web site:

[Centerville Church Web Site]

It Is Written will be holding a large evangelistic effort in the Dayton metro area in 2012.  This will culminate in a prophecy series in October in Dayton.  The churches of Dayton are working together to host the event, and several evangelistic initiatives are moving forward.  The Kettering church is hosting a canvassing program from Ouachitta Hills College, the Centerville church is hosting a youth training program in conjunction with ThisGeneration, It Is Written is working with the SALT evangelism school to train the churches in the area, and the students in the area are working with Spring Valley Academy to host several youth-led evangelism programs.

God is doing big things in Dayton and Centerville.  God is bringing people into the area, and lots of exciting things are happening!

Please contact me with any questions or other people you know of that might be interested. <>