Matthew 5:5 – Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

The verse starts with Blessed (well off, happy) are the meek. The standard definition of “meek” is: humbly patient of docile, as under provocation from others. The question arises ‘why?’ Why should one be happy under provocation, or how does that make one better off?

The “for” links us to the explanation: because they shall inherit the earth. If in the process of salvation, or the Christian experience, someone gives you a difficult time because of your new beliefs and how they are influencing your actions, remember the proper perspective. In the end, the earth will not be given to the mighty conquerors, but to those who humbly endured provocation for Christ.

Matthew 11:29 – Jesus says he is meek and lowly in heart
Philippians 2:6,7 – Jesus took the form of a servant

Meekness is a key attribute of Christ. It is the attitudinal expression of unselfishness/true love. Love does not seek its own or take revenge, but it is long-suffering.

Psalm 37:11 – The meek shall inherit the earth. (The psalm Jesus referenced above.)
Romans 4:13 – Abraham and his seed inherit the earth through the righteousness of faith.

An interesting side note to meekness is that there is a parallel method of inheriting the earth. Abraham, the spiritual father of all true Christians, inherits the earth through righteousness by faith. So, either meekness and righteousness by faith are the same thing, or, perhaps more likely, they are virtues that exist at the same time. This is assuredly the case because the first four beatitudes (Matt 5:3-6) illustrate a process of conversion with an initial justification taking place in the first one.

An interesting verse on the meekness-righteousness link is Zephaniah 2:3, which pairs the two. By seeking those two virtues one can avoid the day of the LORD’s anger, the corollary being a natural inheriting of everlasting joy.

Meekness is the expression of unselfishness when Christ is living in the life through faith. He is looking for humans with that attitude to take home with him. I hope you live a meek life today.